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Directors Cult

AD Singh Director Cult

Welcome to AD SINGH “Directors Cult (DC)”. DC  List is an exclusive list of by Invitation members comprising of some of the most influential, successful and well placed individuals in society. DC list is organized to facilitate the networking of its members from time to time keeping it active and engaged for mutual benefit. As a gesture of thanks all members get AD Singh Merchandise as compliments with every new season collection. Besides this there are many more benefits which are covered below. To have you on our exclusive list, the honor remains ours.

Directors Cult Invitation

AD SINGH “Directors Cult (DC)” has adopted a policy of “Membership by Invitation Only.”  This means that every new Member who joins the Club must be sponsored by, and receive an invitation from – an Investor or Creative Director or shareholder of AD Singh Designs.  This prideful tradition ensures all of our New Members are families that will enhance our Membership roster and the camaraderie of our Directors Cult List.  Although, we take great pride in the many services and networking opportunities that our DC List offers, AD Singh’s Director Cult’s most valuable asset is its Membership.  “Membership by Invitation” is the instrument by which we safeguard only the top and most successful members to be a part of there by maintaining the quality and compatibility of our Members, and maintains our coveted status of Invitation Only List.  Along with the honor and significance that “Membership by Invitation” bestows upon our DC list, comes a responsibility. In order to maintain our “Directors Cult status” and our prideful policy of “Membership by Invitation” each Member is asked to participate in the Invitation process, so there will always be qualified candidates as additions to our Directors Cult.

Who gets Invited?

Any individual that is personally known to Creative director or Shareholder or Investor at AD SINGH & can add value to Brand AD Singh or can play a key role in advisory committee is invited to be a member of the Director Cult List. Currently list includes Fashionstas, Diva personalities, Creative directors, Managing directors, Politicians, Investors and key media persons as a part of the list. Other than these key individuals we also have members that we at brand AD Singh think is an honor to have them under our Directors Cult List.

What it means to be at DC

1. All members to the Directors cult list get exclusive invites to the new collection, store previews & Front row at fashion shows.
2. Other than this they also get exclusive merchandise from the AD Singh Collection every year as compliments, including shipping and taxes, one of the most privileged service offered to only a selected few.
3. Members to the DC list also get special prices for all AD Singh Merchandise, members can also recommend friends and family AD Singh Merchandise on their F&F rates (FRIENDS & Family) rates.
4. Exclusive DC Members Get together. Every year AD Singh Hosts a exclusive get together for all its members to the DC list including travel and accommodation. At these get togethers all members attend network, exchange resources and knowledge. This get together is followed by an exclusive fashion show and after party graced by top Bollywood actors, Models and socialites and Media.
5. Every Member can give 1 recommendation to Brand AD Singh to include a new Member to the DC List, without superseding the DC list Exclusion* policy and subject to MD approval.

Exclusions* Brand AD Singh is very popular with Bollywood actors, Singers, Infrastructure and Diamond merchants, they also form a major part of our clientele are not a part of the DC.