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How to wash heavy Indian Bridal outfits.


How to wash heavy Indian Bridal outfits.

Buying heavy couture outfits from Indian designer to look all cool is fine but one thing that bothers every one is how to wash these heavy INDIAN bridal outfits. In this post we will discuss how to wash these ornate bejewelled outfits. Considering many over seas people do not have access to laundry that have expertise in handing heavy couture outfits. This post will help you sort out all your problems with ease without even having to consult a laundry man again. Seriously follow the simple steps below and you will see how easy it is to get the indian bridal outfit as good as new.

Steps to wash your Indian Bridal outfits at home

Most couture and bridal outfits done get soiled in one go so I always advice wear these outfits at least twice  or thrice before you put them to wash.

  1. Take a bucket of plain water in normal temperature or room tempretaure
  2. Add Surf or Tide or any detergent in the same league.
  3. Stir well to have enough lather.
  4. Soak your entire outfit completely in the water at one go. Then rinse it few times till its all drenched. By now the outfit will weigh almost a ton due to the water retention. Dont fret. This is normal. Now let it remain soaked in water for about 2 hours.
  5. You will notice all the dust and dirt slowly coming off and the water colour would turn almost brown. This is when you remove your outfit and rise it in a bucket full of clean water.
  6. Now just hand your outfit on hanger in the sun or under the fan let it take its sweet time to dry. Leave it over night and you will be surprised the next morning the outfit would all glittery like it was before and all clean like done in a professional laundry.
  7. Steam iron the entire outfit and store it in the wardrobe.


If you do have question do mention in comments, i will always reply back could be a little slow in replies but i always do mostly within a weeks time. And if you did try out this method do share the post and help others too. Finally an easy way to wash your heavy indian bridal outfits.


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