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Tips for Summer Wedding Bride

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Wedding is always a grand affair and one of a life time event. Although in india people prefer winter weddings as it cooler, but if you are one those brides who is having a hot summer wedding, this post will help you make your sumer wedding as cool as snow!

Here are 5 tips for an epic wedding this summer.

Tips for Summer Wedding Bride

  1. Choice of fabric: Summer can be quite penalising, with soaring temperatures and all that make up and gloss and scorching sun, it can become a party pooper. But you can dodge the heat if you make the right choice for fabric for your Wedding outfit. Make sure the fabric is light and breezy, ideal tulle net or soft net would be ideal but for girls who do not wish to use net you can always use georgette. Stay away from silks, velvets as they can get very hot. Use soft lining materials like butter crepe or cotton.
  2. Choice of cut: Avoid extremely fitted body hogging silhouettes like fish tail gowns, body con style tops. Ensure the blouses are well fitted but airy. Opt for style like sheer back, halters backless, If you have c ultra shock and have to go for fully covered blouses, make sure the neck lines are deep well cut. sleeves and armhole are slightly looser to allow air.
  3. Choice of colour: choose nice fresh colours like summer yellow, pinks, aquamarine, Fruity shades like peach, melon also work perfect.
  4. Choice of make up: Keep it minimalist when it comes to make up, avoid cake pack on the face, as if you tend to sweat the fist thing you notice is the rip mark not he make up and thats big no! wear lighter shades of lip stick keep the fresh, natural and rejuvenating.


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