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Style Hair & Makeup Tips for Holi 2017


Style Hair & Makeup Tips for Holi 2017

This year Holi falls on Monday March 13 2017 blessing us all with a  long weekend. Just as most parties started on friday night the big day of celebration, fun and madness clearly remains Monday as folks from all over the world will be celebrating HAPPY HOLI 2017. For lot of people who are wondering what is Holi about. Read about Holi here.



Style Tips for Holi 2017

  • White is customary colour for holi but you can always choose any colour of you choice. But white is ideal as the colour play looks good on white as you have more colour mess the better you have enjoyed holi!
  • Always wear nice flowy tops, rather than fitted one. look for soft materials and not thick jerseys as soft thin fabrics will dry faster. jersey will hold water and will weigh you heavy with weight.
  • Always have a camisole underneath your flowy whites as it tends to get a bit transparent when wet.

    White top with hot pants

  • Complete the look with a simple shorts or denim hot pants they look cool and are comfortable too. always seek comfort as your out playing holi 😀
  • Team up a simple flip flop thats not slippery. Flip flops are comfortable, and dry fast and don’t tire you down when your playing holi. Also the it goes with the entire casual fun playful look.

    Cute FLip Flops

Hair & Make up Tips for Holi 2017

  • Holi involves playing a lot with water and colour and its always a good idea to protect your hair from colour, as this can be harmful and also lead to scalp itching. Always moisturise your hair and apply coconut oil before you head out to play holi.
  • Go in for chic hair do’s such as a ponytail, braided bun, French Braid, or Double French into High Pony, etc. Pull back your hair and secure with an elastic, leaving half of the ponytail tucked in, and you are ready with a chic look.





    braided bun

  • If you wish to look stunning like a diva even on Holi day then always go in for chic make up. Start by applying a good foundation or moisturise your face for sure. Then apply make-up and look beautiful. Doing so will protect your skin from the holi colours. Apply waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara or just put kajal!If you love our Holi Tips do let us know in comments, Till then Happy Holi 2017! Do follow our Style Hair & Makeup Tips for Holi 2017




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