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Must have items in capsule Bridal Trousseau collection

Capsule Bridal Trousseau

Must have items in capsule Bridal Trousseau collection

When it comes to bridal fashion we all wish to look perfect and effortless but lot of times we fear a lot of expenditure and missing out on essential items. The solution to looking perfect every day without spending a lot and taking a lot of stress can be having a capsule wardrobe.  According to Susie Faux (owner of the boutique ‘Wardrobe’ and who also coined the term), a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces. It can also be called a mini collection made up of really versatile pieces that you completely love to wear. So the next question that pops up is: HOW TO CREATE A CAPSULE BRIDAL TROUSSEAU WARDROBE ?

Bridal Trousseau

Bridal Trousseau


Planning the Capsule Bridal Trousseau


Decide what you want to take from your pre-existing collection. Divide your clothes into four categories:

  1. LOVE IT
  2. MAYBE
  3. NOPE

Clothes that come under the ‘love it’ category are the ones that you can take along. You can probably keep the seasonal clothes in a box or bag safe in your bed and come back for it at the right time.

Love it

Love it / May be / pass it off

  • Step2: CHECK & PLAN.

Once you have decided what you want from your pre-existing clothes check what more you will need and what you are missing in your essentials.

Check & plan

Check & plan


Go on a shopping spree for the planed missing essential and thereafter start a shopping hiatus for however long you can.

shopping haitus

Shopping Hiatus

Here are a few more tips for bridal trousseau shopping:

  • Pack what is necessary, since what is not can always be bought later on.
  • Only go for things that you are sure you will use.
  • Always go shopping with a person who will guide you well, preferably your mother or sister.
  • Do a market survey beforehand.
  • Shop according to the season you are getting married in and not in the season you are.

Here is a list of thing that must be in bridal trousseau:

  1. Subtle & Classy Ethinic Attires.
  2. Comfortable yet sexy lingere
  3. Stylish Stoles
  4. Few Pair of fitted Jeans / Jeggings
  5. Casual / daily essential clothes
  6. statement High heels / Flats
  7. Small Cluthced and ethinic purses.

I hope this article helps you in styling your capsule bridal trousseau. If you liked this post please do share it and comment down your suggestion for bridal trousseaus. Until next time enjoy HOW TO CREATE A CAPSULE BRIDAL TROUSSEAU WARDROBE ?



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