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Makeup tips for Summer 2017 to check out


Makeup tips for Summer 2017

Summer has lot of activities fun, tiring and also beachy vacations. Ideally summer is full of adventure and joy specially if your in INDIA. However whats not so cool about Summer is the sticky make-up, smeared eyeliners etc. After our last weeks posts about Style Tips for Summer 2017 we received lot of requests to have Make-up tips for Summer. Here are some handy and must follow Makeup tips for summer 2017 to look fresh and glamorous even when the sun is high and shinning right on you !


Make-up tips for summer 2017

  1. Use a Right base: To beat the sweaty summer, always remember to use an oil free moisturiser first thing in the morning, followed by a nice oil free foundation to match up. In India almost every make-up company sells oil free foundations! Some popular ones are Revlon colorstay liquid foundation for oily to combination skin, L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation, Maybelline Fit me Matte and Poreless Foundation & Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

    Fitme Maybelline foundation base


    Colorstay foundation base by Revlon

  2. Purchase a Primer: Primer always goes post moisturising the face but before applying the make-up on the face. Its always advisable to buy a reputed quality primer, as this always helps in summer. A face primer helps to make the skin smoother and even by filling in fine lines and pores, preparing the skin for the foundation. Face primers should be hydrating for dry skin while for oily skin it should have oil control and shine control features.

    Primers in India

  3. Less is always more!: If you want that your make-up shouldn’t crease or cake out make sure you follow the golden rule “less is alwaysMore” when it comes to applying Make-up in summer. Avoid using the powder blush, as powder turns to cake out and eventually break on shot summer day. Ideally use a cream blush followed by adding a peck of powder dust on top of it and set your look.

    Less is always more

  4. Waterpoof everything: We are living in an age where everything is waterproof right from phones to watches, shoes then why not make-up. Make sure you indulge and invest into waterproof make-up. There is lot of long wear into waterproof beauty products. A good waterproof Mascara is the way to go on hot sweaty day!

    Popular Waterproof mascara brands

These are 4 major and must have Make-Up tips for Summer 2017, if you like them do share with your friends and also update this post with your comments below with any helpful tips for make-up in Summer.



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