Genuine AD Singh Designer Bridal Couture.

Designer Indian Wedding gowns 2017


Designer Indian Wedding gowns 2017

Sneak peek into our new collection of Designer Indian wedding gowns with curly hems by AD SINGH couture. Its that time of the year where every bride is scouting for her wedding gown. Since the wedding gown rage is hit Indian fashion in a huge way every bride is scampering around for that perfect Designer INDIAN WEDDING GOWN. 

While choosing the wedding gown every bride has few idea, firstly they want it looking western with style line defined, well cut and flattering to the body. Secondly what they want is a embroidery that makes the gown look heavy and stunning but at the same time not moving away from the western style to making it looking INDIAN.

Sneak Peek into Our wedding gown collection 2017

Our New bridal wedding gown collection for the season is in the making and what sets its apart is that we are trying to make a settler collection which has curly hems, heavy embroidery that make it look western red carpet ready style at the same time with emphasis and style lines that go well with an Indian wedding functions like reception, cocktail or even an engagement.

Not only this every outfit is made to measure, totally bespoke in nature right from the colour to the cut and style with or without sleeves. We ensure the gowns take care of all problem areas and give you an entirely flattering look for the event.

All or wedding gowns come with inbuilt corsets, cups and sheer style skin tulle that matches the skin to perfection giving it the ideal illusion look.

The choicest embroideries we use are made with the best of the components which include real 24 ct gold threads, silk threads and genuine swarovski crystals. Below is a pic form our test shoot and sneak preview of our brand new collection that will hit the stores soon!

The bridal season ensure you wrap  yourself in a signature Designer Indian wedding gown collection 2017 by AD SINGH




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