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AD Singh Designs offers job opportunities to all design aspirants and takes pride in training design students to be designers of tomorrow. We extend modeling opportunities to anyone who wishes to represent our brand, however we have a stringent procedure in choosing models to showcase our label.

Designer In Training Program

Designer In Training

The Designer in Training (DIT) program is a ten week program that immerses a designer in all aspects of running a multi-million dollar business for AD Singh. Training takes place in our store locations. Each week the program focuses on a different aspect of running the business. The program trains the DIT on the necessary principles of management including creating the best in-store experience, designing, illustration, pattern making, store operations, and visual merchandising. The program is structured and provides the DIT with daily and weekly feedback from the Store Manager and Director of Design. The DIT completes daily readings and exercises, experiences and learns through on-the-job training, and completes weekly assessments. The DIT must successfully complete the training program to be moved into an Assistant Manager role.

Successful completion of this program is the first step for leadership. At AD Singh, we strongly advocate a philosophy of promotion from within. All of our Store Managers, Regional Heads, Directors – even the Director of Design – have gone through the DIT program. With the growth of the company internationally, career opportunities for an DIT have never been better.

Skills You Develop On Job

• Management Skills
• Strategic Planning And Organization
• Multitasking
• Problem Solving
• Adaptability / Flexibility
• Fashion And Trend Knowledge


• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
• Strong problem solving skills
• Sophistication and a great sense of style
• Diversity awareness
• Ability to work in a fast-paced and challenging environment
• Team building skills
• Self-starter
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Drive to achieve results

Model For AD Singh

Model For AD Singh

Models are an important part of the in-store experience and represent the brand through personal style, providing customer service and maintaining presentation standards.


• Sophistication
• Aspiration
• Sense of style
• Diversity awareness
• Integrity
• Applied learning
• Outgoing personality
• Communication skills


• Passion for the Brand
• Multi-Tasking
• Adaptability / Flexibility
• Attention to Detail
• Product Knowledge
• Customer Focus

Work Schedule

• Required to work one to two shifts per week on average
• Each shift is approximately five hours
• On-call at least one shift per week

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